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“As a small business with big ambitions but little resources, we were apprehensive to take the leap with Zenith. In hindsight we had nothing to worry about.

I first approached Zenith partners Limited at the start of 2021 when myself and my business partner were looking at options to grow our company. We had tried traditional lenders but because we were expanding and growing fast, we didn’t have 3 years of financial accounts, as a result most traditional options were closed to us.

From the first contact Matt gave us some incredibly valuable advice and indicated what we would need to do to attract investment. We carried on through the year developing our plans and putting together the basics of what we needed.

We officially engaged with Zenith Partners In September of 2021, within days Matt had helped whip our pitch and plans into shape and had several potential investors lined up. It was a very intense few weeks with numerous offers from investors. Matt guided us through the whole process and even lined up legals and accountants for anything outside of our expertise.

3 months later, we have investment, an extremely well suited investor, new partner, the resources, and a network of professionals where we now feel confident to grow our business to new heights.

Matt and his associates have made an extremely stressful process, borderline pleasurable.Myself and my business partner look forward to a long relationship with Matt and hope we have opportunities to work with him again in the future.


I have been seeking investors for years, and am so happy I came across Zenith partners. Matthew responded to me straight away and has also helped me every step of the way. We have created innovative and modern work-I’m so excited to finally be starting this journey. Matthew has made my dreams come true, and I hope he will be as responsive with more of my business ideas and plans. Thank-you Zenith Partners!


I have to say that working with Matthew is an absolute pleasure. He displays boundless energy and inspires confidence. His positive attitude , willingness to persevere and in depth knowledge of business are qualities that I would want to emulate. I have no hesitation in recommending Zenith Partners to anyone who is interested in raising capital for their venture. If you’re tried and failed , don’t give up. Contact Zenith Partners and see the difference.


I have introduced a few customers for Zenith Partners in general and Matthew in particular . They are very happy with Matthew’s quick responses; willingness to go the extra miles for the clients and professionalism; positive attitude towards the customers and an excellent customer services.


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